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Contaminated Soil Removal provides our clients cost effective transportation and disposal options for hazardous and non-hazardous special waste. Contaminated Soil Removal’s team of waste management professionals includes LSP’s, construction managers and licensed waste transporters. Our team will provide interpretation of laboratory analytical data, waste profiling and coordinate all phases of waste removal including manifesting and compliance with local, state and federal regulations. Contaminated Soil Removal has strong relationships with treatment and disposal facilities across the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. Our management will leverage our experience and industry position to provide each client compliant transportation and disposal services to attain the best available market cost for our customers.

We are equipped to handle complex logistics; coordinating the movement of soil between construction sites, plants, ports, or any destination. Our coordinated services allow our fleet to transport large loads between locations and bring products to market. Whether transcontinental or regional, we have a transportation plan to meet your needs. We are proud to offer dump truck, tractor trailer, railroad, barge, and cargo ship transport service.

From our centrally located office in Miami, Florida we can coordinate your services with speed and precision. Our on-time deliveries and excellent safety records are remarkable and illustrate why Contaminated Soil Removal is regarded as one of the nation's finest. Contaminated Soil Removal can give you a competitive advantage. Ensure that your project is done on time and under budget, every time.

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